There’s nothing to talk about when we talk about love. I’ve had a bad thought on my mind for too long. Afraid to open up my mouth. So drown me out.

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had a kick ass chickpea and tofu burger at 80/20 tonight yes and doumars yes

Simon and Garfunkel - Cecilia

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Pretty sure this is the cutest picture I’ve taken of my rabbit, Charlie. He was listening to a plane!
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Sean made me a pair of earring out of shells he collected in Puerto Rico. He is the best guy around.
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I drooled over this boy for so long and now I just drool on him. In 2011, after a series of texts and for whatever reason, he made me cookies. I went over to his house and knocked on his door trying not to make it obvious that I was freaking out. He handed me the plate of cookies. They were sugar (my fav) and had silly green icing smiley faces drizzled on them. I walked back to my truck. He was playing the drums. I sat in my truck and watched/listened until I mustered the courage to call him and ask him if he wanted to hangout. He said yes. We broke into Riverdale pool, sat on a table and ate cookies, then he threw me in. He kissed me that night and we have been together ever since. That was three years ago today. I am so thankful for all the laughter, Chipotle, and happiness he has brought into my life. I sure do love my guy. 

Here’s to 3yrs!
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should I quit my job tomorrow? Y/N

and how?


Neutral Milk Hotel — Oh Comely

Oh comely, I will be with you when you lose your breath, Chasing the only meaningful memory you thought you had left.

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Could’ve gone my whole life without knowing canned whole chicken existed

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