Evil Bee - Menomena.

I’ve been on a serious Menomena kick lately

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Talkin’ shit about a pretty sunset. Blanketing opinions that I’ll probably regret soon. Changed my mind so much I can’t even trust it. My mind changed me so much I can’t even trust myself.
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Picasso, etching

I ruin everything including myself and that’s why I have 0 value of myself and life and would very much like to rot away

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I know girls who spill I’m sorry’s from their mouths like they pump blood
to their veins.
Sometimes, I am one.
I know girls who apologize for asking
to go to the bathroom in class,
who apologize for everything
because they feel like they are taking
up more than their fair share of space
on this planet.
Everything starts with an I’m sorry
and ends with one too,
constant bookends that we don’t
even notice anymore.
We delete her apology the way we
delete likes and ums from speech.
I know girls with ten times more apologies
than misdemeanors
and I wonder how often they hear
It’s okay.
You’re more than okay.
written by "I’m Sorry" by Claire Luisa  (via tanghuijuan)

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Man in the Moon handmade bangle by Lux Divine on etsy

I mean I probably need this
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give em the ol razzle dazzle
Go down a waterslide when it isn’t wet and you’ll understand why foreplay is so important.

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my heart is pounding and my blood is boiling and the (what I’m assuming to be) ulcer in my abdomen is making itself more and more announced

I am not in a healthy environment and I am not in a healthy mind set and I want to be gone/done